[Marxism] A slap in the face for Israel

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 17:12:06 MST 2017

On December 15 sixteen year old Ahed Tamimi became the face of Palestinian
resistance when videos of her slapping and pushing Israeli soldiers out of
her driveway made headlines. Her younger cousin had been shot through the
head at close range just a few days earlier.

In the middle of the night on December 20 Israeli soldiers raided Ahed’s
home and detained her. They arrested her mother the following day when she
went to the police station to visit Ahed, and also arrested Ahed’s cousin
Nour who had pushed the soldiers from the family driveway.

Fifty years of occupation, continual land confiscations, demolition of
homes, grabbing of resources, martial law, curfews, checkpoints,
abductions, imprisonment without due process, are a. . . .

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