[Marxism] Israel - the only democracy that throws children in military prisons and leaves them there

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 01:21:31 MST 2017

So, Lorde has been invited to a meeting with the Israeli Ambassador to New
Zealand after announcing she would cancel her concert in Tel Aviv. Mr
Yitzhak Gerberg wants to tell Lorde that Israel is the only democracy in
the Middle East and to discuss the the boycott, divestment and sanctions
(BDS) movement.

Sure, Israel is a democracy of sorts for Jewish Israelis. There are
anomolies, such as religious intermarriage being outlawed. This does
contravene the notion of basic freedoms and resembles the old segregation
seen in the Southern States of the US and the former apartheid regime in
South  Africa. There are also no civil divorce rights in Israel – only
religious bodies can rule on divorce – and there are numerous other
democratic shortcomings, but for Jews many of the features of a democracy
do exist.

For the 1.4 million Palestinian and other Arab populations in Israel,
however, the democracy is very. . .

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