[Marxism] More on the CounterPunch/Alice Donovan story

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Dec 27 06:53:24 MST 2017

"Alice Donovan" was identified as a Russian bot in September in the NYT.


Also, check Jeff St. Clair's article that has been updated to show how 
much of her stuff was plagiarized.


I think that to a large extent the power of electronic publishing tends 
to make it vulnerable to fake identities, plagiarism, etc. Years ago 
when I was writing for Swans, none of this could have happened since 
Gilles d'Aymery developed relationships with his contributors. It is 
also less likely to happen with well-funded outlets like AlterNet but 
they tend to suck.

I'll stick with CounterPunch, warts and all.

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