[Marxism] Interesting comment prompted by my critique of the Jacobin article on Henry Wallace

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Dec 27 07:00:07 MST 2017

 From David Palmer:

Besides the fact that Ackerman's article is nasty, stupid, and wrong, 
there's also the questionable editorial wisdom of dedicating 5 pages of 
the "100th anniversary of the October Revolution" issue to showing what 
a "dupe" Wallace was, while devoting essentially no space to the legacy 
of October in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. There's about a page and 
a half in the "Soviets Abroad" piece by Daniel Finn that acknowleges the 
existence of a world outside Europe and the U.S.A.; Derluguian's piece 
mentions Mozambique; "From Red Square to Square One" briefly summarizes 
Wikipedia articles on a few countries that had pro-Soviet leaderships; 
and "Choose Your Own Adventure," nominally about Cambodia, is mostly 
about shaming the 1970s U.S. left. You wouldn't think, based on Jacobin, 
that the Soviet revolution inspired millions of people around the world, 
other than hockey fans and afficionados of avant guarde cinema.

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