[Marxism] "Men need due process" - women have never had ANY process!"

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 07:31:01 MST 2017

sort of the same argument as ALL Lives Matter - disappearing the victim

> But now, with only a small handful of high-profile men finally facing some
> repercussions after years of abuse, there is already an effort to slow
> down. Is this becoming a witch hunt? Is this becoming a sex panic? Are
> innocent men at risk of being wrongly accused? Today’s headlines seem to be
> either dominated by the men who’ve been flaunting their abuse of women for
> years, even decades, with explicit details of all of the horrors they were
> allowed to inflict upon women — or about the men who might be at risk for
> being “unfairly” accused. The men who are now “scared to even talk to
> women” lest they be accused of sexual harassment. And the women…the women
> are forgotten completely.
> But yesterday, I was asked to write that I do not believe in due process.
> I was asked to write that I believe we should just immediately fire all men
> accused of sexual harassment. I was asked to write that if a few men are
> harmed to protect women, it’s worth it. As if that’s a real threat. As if
> that’s a valid fear. As if, in this world, a power shift of that magnitude
> is even within the realm of possibility. As if a lack of due process
> wouldn’t first come for women, trans people, and people of color. As if due
> process isn’t the one thing so many men and their enablers in this society
> are working so hard to avoid.
> https://theestablishment.co/due-process-is-needed-for-
> sexual-harassment-accusations-but-for-whom-968e7c81e6d6

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