[Marxism] What is the Green Party missing?

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Fri Dec 29 06:24:45 MST 2017

The main thing the Green Party in the United States is missing - is a democratic decision making membership structure

instead of presently many states structures based on small cliques and opposed to a mass membership.

Andrew's article overlooked this important aspect.   The CPUSA was also not a democratic decision making group,

or welcomed members holding different views and being critical thinkers - just "loyal followers".

This article's focus was more on opportunist tactical strategy and not the core problem of building a needed mass based

democratic decision making party of our Class.  Not just a few seeking personal power control and "making some political

points over their opponents in political Left currents", that historically are meaningless.

We have seen opportunism and tailism often.  We have seen numerous small arrogant elitist vanguard groups representing

a small leadership clique and substituting loyalty to them and how to "serve them", instead of the difficult but needed

task of organizing our Class (not just deciding what is politically acceptable to the "recognized leaders" who aspire to be

Lenin )   The 2017 United States is not 1917 Russia, or 1917 Untied States.

A mass based labor party is needed in the United States and the current Green Party "leaders" appear incapable of that,

in part because they are made up of religious pacifists, middle class artisans and professionals not wage laborers and a

mixture of old Stalinists from the CPUSA and COC.  The Green Party leaders are mainly older in age and not focused on

welcoming youth and allowing them to provide leadership.   Also the Rhode Island Green Party seems not representative

of most of the other Green Party state organizations that are self-electing small cliques.



Best regards,

Andrew Stewart

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