[Marxism] they stole the land of Palestine - and want the cultural heritage too!

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 09:54:55 MST 2017

For some, Ray’s tweet merely represents harmless ignorance, and as
meaningless and innocuous as any number of Americans who believe pizza
originated in New York, and not in Naples, Italy.

But to Palestinians, Ray’s tweet has less to do with easily forgivable
ignorance, and more to do with a well-orchestrated campaign to erase any
memory or resemblance of Palestinian or Arab culture from their ancestral
land, a campaign that is deliberate, sustained, and methodical.

“the sort of factual error that pretty much never gets corrected, because
it’s part of a coordinated campaign to erase aspects of Palestinian culture
and to promote them as authentically Israeli instead. And what makes this
exceptionally outrageous is the fact that it’s only one component of
erasing Palestinians altogether, as we see defenders of Israeli policies
denying the legitimacy of the Palestinian people, and as we see the Israeli
government actively destroying Palestinian society through a campaign of
ethnic cleansing and settler-colonial occupation.”

By claiming food and cultural icons long associated with the Levant,
Israel, a state established by white European settlers, can pretend its
ties to Palestinian land stretches back long before their ships arrived in
the early to mid-20th century.

In response to Ray’s tweet, Palestinian comedian Amer Zahr posted on his
Facebook page a comparison between Israeli and Palestinian hummus recipes.
He said that to make Palestinian hummus, “You take one cup of cooked
chickpeas, a half cup of tahini sauce, then spoon it all together and
you’re set.”

To make Israeli hummus, however, Zahr joked, “It’s much easier. You simply
find a Palestinian who has made Palestinian hummus, kick him out of his
house, and then you say, ‘This is Israeli hummus.’”

As one can see, Ray’s tweet amounts to more than your everyday willful, yet
forgivable display of ignorance, but rather reflects the effectiveness of
unchallenged pro-Israeli narratives and storytelling in Western political
discourse, one that seeks to erase any memory of Palestinian existence.


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