[Marxism] New Communists? A reply to Jacobin Magazine

Tristan Sloughter t at crashfast.com
Sat Dec 30 11:09:19 MST 2017

I finally got around to reading this today to prepare for the jacobin reading group I facilitate is this afternoon. Since I facilitate I like to bring not just my own opinion but others as well to the discussion.

If I understand your reply correctly it has two main disagreements, first being that "Yay revolution! Boo reform!"  is a strawman. I must assume you mean it isn't an issue because while there are individuals and organizations that aren't interested in engaging in the existing political system, they are so tiny as to not be a real issue. And that instead the authors are using this to act like they are being the rational actors against the irrational when in fact their actual disagreement is on involvement with the Democratic Party, not whether to fight for reforms or not.

I must say bringing up Socialist Alternative as the far-left counter-example that supports reforms ($15 minimum wage) is a little weird since they were as involved with Bernie Sanders as the DSA was, I believe.

So your disagreement is that working in the Democratic Party should be a litmus test and that they use a boogey-man of some ultra-leftist cosplayers who want to march in the streets with rifles and large overcoats to take control of the state today as the supposed only left alternative of working in the Democratic Party?

I agree with the need for independence, but also think former Sheriff David Clarke is an example f how little using Democrat as your ballot line can mean, but won't get into that right now.

One aspect I personally take issue with in their article is the claim Communists 'were the most effective reformers, not revolutionaries', as though advocating for or implementing reforms makes one a reformer instead of a revolutionary. They themselves are making up the idea that revolution is only an armed rebellion -- not that those are even mutually exclusive, revolutionaries engaged in reform today might take up arms tomorrow. 

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