[Marxism] Another report on Iran

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Sat Dec 30 21:17:49 MST 2017

https://syriafreedomforever.wordpress.com/2017/12/29/demonstrations-in-iran-to-protest-against-poverty-and-intervention-in-syria/ <https://syriafreedomforever.wordpress.com/2017/12/29/demonstrations-in-iran-to-protest-against-poverty-and-intervention-in-syria/>

"Not Gaza, not Lebanon, my soul is the redemption of Iran"
"Leave Syria and think about us”

The demonstrators could be cast as lacking in international solidarity.  I wasn’t surprised to see the Palestinian flag carried in the pro-government demonstration.
One might reasonably ask what Iran has ever done for Gaza.

		ken h

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