[Marxism] 1956: John Saville, EP Thompson and The Reasoner

Scott Hamilton shamresearch at yahoo.co.nz
Wed Feb 1 15:05:06 MST 2017

Paul Flewers and John McIlroy's labours will make The Reasoner much more accessible to students and scholars curious about the ur-text of the British New Left. Back in 2005 I studied John Saville's papers at the University of Hull's Brynmor Jones library and realised what a struggle was involved in the production of The Reasoner. The correspondence between poor old Saville and the explosive Thompson when they were working on The Reasoner and The New Reasoner is hilarious, and I tied to put as much of its as I could into my book on Thompson, The Crisis of Theory (there's an example on my blog: http://readingthemaps.blogspot.co.nz/2008/04/for-christs-sake-let-us-have-something.html)
Folks may already know this, but the New Reasoner, which was an infinitely more handsome publication than its laboriously cyclostyled predecessor, is online at: http://banmarchive.org.uk/collections/nr/index_frame.htm

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