[Marxism] Interesting Guardian Article On Arendt's Influence In Trump World

William Quimby quimbywm at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 17:04:19 MST 2017

"In the scramble to make sense of the post-inauguration world, Amazon 
has been forced to restock a few key titles:
Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four hit No 1 at the end of last week, after 
Trump’s adviser Kellyanne Conway used the
phrase “alternative facts” in place of “some bullshit I just made up”. 
But the surprise hit – being long, complex and
demanding or, as the online magazine Jezebel described it, “extremely 
metal” is Hannah Arendt’s The Origins of
Totalitarianism, first published in 1951. Commentators have been 
referencing the work since Donald Trump’s election
in November but rarely has this spurred so many people to actually buy a 


- Bill

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