[Marxism] the spat with Australia

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 03:22:12 MST 2017

The Prime Minister of Australia is in deep trouble. As listers would know
he did a deal with Obama to swap refugees from the Middle East for some
from Latin America. He had a phone conversation with Trump who abused him
and then hung up.  Turnbull went on the airways and said the deal was still
on, and the President did not hang up on him.. Then the Trump Show saw an
opportunity.  They leaked and tweeted about the "dumb deal" Obama had done.
Egg  all over Turnbull's face.  As one media commentator put it "Trump
handed him his arse".

Turnbull's enemies inside his own party have been smelling blood. They have
been making pro-Trump statements and all that is heavily coded for
"Turnbull must go".

The Right in Australia though are genuinely afraid of a world with the USA
army.  That Turnbull offended the POTUS will be seen as a black mark. It is
impossible to predict things, of course, but Turnbull looks like Dead Man
Walking, such is the nature of the Trump Effect Down Under.



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