[Marxism] general strike?

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 07:13:01 MST 2017

This new article (link at end) IMO is a good response to liberal
electioneering strategies pimping off the upsurge against Trump, and at the
end has this great Luxemburg quote:

"[I]t becomes obvious that the task of social democracy does not consist in
the technical preparation and direction of mass strikes, but, first and
foremost, in the political leadership of the whole movement.

"Political leadership matters, because as we've seen throughout history,
injustice and oppression sooner or later provoke resistance, but there is
no guarantee that resistance in itself will lead to victory."

This is very relevant now, when you have Democratic Party hacks falling all
over themselves to appear to be in the lead of the new movements; when you
have anarchists "preparing" a (probably) mythical February 17th general
strike - but when you also have real, organically-organized strikes by
South Asian/Muslim taxi-drivers and Yemeni deli owners, which in turn are
just one manifestation of the discussions going on in every workplace and

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