[Marxism] Fwd: A Syrian Astronaut Finds No Place to Go on Earth | Village Voice

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Feb 2 07:46:55 MST 2017

Faris defected from the Syrian air force after witnessing indiscriminate 
bombings from military aircraft "attacking my own city and district. I 
knew they cannot discriminate between enemies and the people. I am a 
witness. We are all witnesses," he said, an empty-handed relic of lost 
and blackened Syria, cradle of civilization. "From space," Faris told 
his listeners, "I saw the world without limits. She carries us and we 
destroy her. I wonder, as the destiny of my country is being written 
every day, how will we go on?"

Just a few days after that meeting in Istanbul, Donald Trump's travel 
ban came down, bringing "Space Refugee" one step closer to reality. Now 
Faris, native of Aleppo, a city that has suffered as much as any in the 
world, and a critic of the regime, falls into the ever widening group of 
people not allowed in the United States, not as a refugee nor even as a 
visitor. In a phone call, Faris was supremely aware of the irony. Having 
fled Assad, Faris now saw the United States falling under the sway of 
the same kind of power.

"Trump does not understand anything about human history," he said, 
toggling between humor and seriousness with such ease that the only 
translated effect of his character is sheer dignity.


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