[Marxism] Little heard in public, Bannon is quiet power in Oval Office

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 03:22:15 MST 2017

It's hard to say, Mark.  I think we have a first class idiot in the White
House and I suspect that he is easily manipulated through flattery. Like if
we step back from it all and just replay some of the tapes - The breakfast
tape was amazing.  How could he begin by talking about his ratings?  He has
no dignitas nor gravitas. And all around him are fawning.

>From this distance it is mind boggling.  He ripped the Prime Minister of
Australia  "Trunbull" a new ass and he is still whimpering.  Meanwhile all
those who want to be Prime Minister of Australia are giggling  but


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> Bannon is hardly any kind of Washington insider powerhouse.  I suspect that
> he's regarded with a quiet scorn in many corners of the capital.
> However, this idea that he is a dark sinister power fits the usual
> Democratic apology for their lack of backbone--which involves building up
> the Republicans into a kind of invincible force.  Rather like Monty
> Phython's killer rabbit. :-)
> ML
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