[Marxism] Is it a trap?

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 02:48:29 MST 2017

Over at Crikey.com Guy Rundle has penned a piece entitled *Rundle: liberal
howls of outrage over Muslim ban play into Trump's tiny hands*. It is
behind a paywall and I won't pay money to read the kind of rubbish that
liberals turn out every time the people/working class enter the stage of
history. Every mass reaction has had some soi-disant leftist say it is a
trap and we are falling into it. James Butler of NovaraMedia has answered
that very well


and so has Richard Seymour

and Sam Kriss


The liberal intelligentsia who say the protests are playing into Trump's
hands are repeating the reaction of Matthew Arnold to the riot in Hyde Park
in 1866. Then as now the intellectual feared the spectacle of the sans
culottes becoming a political subject.

The only hope for humanity is that the mass protests continue.  They have
shocked Team Trump to the core.  For sure protesting can initially lead to
a reaction.  But it is clear that not to protest would be an absolute
disaster. It would embolden Trump and weaken the opposition to him from
inside the State.

I lived through the Bjelke-Petersen years when he played a vanguard role
for the Far Right and the onset of Neo-liberalism through his use of
unchecked parliamentary powers. As I have said there was a constant chorus
of "He wants us to protest" and "You protesters are laying into his hands".

Petersen was supposed to be a tactical genius who laid traps for Leftists
like me.  He was an impulsive bumbling idiot who did not finish a sentence
for 20 years and who relied totally on the craven cowardice of the liberals.

Sound familiar?



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