[Marxism] Music from the 7 Banned Countries - Radio Al-Fareed Podcast

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Sun Feb 5 08:30:34 MST 2017

Radio Al-Fareed - Episode 22


Alfred Madain aka DJ Al-Fareed is the Music Director at The Markaz and the founding director of Bedouin X, the desert blues band. An educator and ethnomusicologist active on the Los Angeles music scene since the 1990s, he grew up in his native Jordan listening to an eclectic selection of music from the Arab world, America, and Europe. Throughout his life he has explored all genres of music and passed through many different phases of obsession. Listeners can hear his Radio Al-Fareed podcasts on Soundcloud from The Markaz in Los Angeles and add them to their iTunes collection. The music featured on Radio Al-Fareed is old and new, traditional and contemporary, religious and secular. DJ Al-Fareed is a reassuring guide as he takes us on carefully constructed musical tours through countries including but not limited to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Gambia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt, Iraq, China, Indonesia, Oman, Yemen, Comoros Island, Zanzibar, and Tunisia.  Different ethnic and religious groups such as Kurds, Azeris, Jews, and Christians also have their music featured on Radio Al-Fareed.  Artists who have fused music from other parts of the world with their own are also highlighted on the program. Visit the Bedouin X site.

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