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"Is Israel's Influence Good or Bad for the United States? It Depends On
Which United States.
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqVTDWWpeC4&list#t=2m59s>" - Susan Abulhawa

Some of you have noted the fairly explicit efforts by Donald Trump and his
most extreme supporters
<http://mondoweiss.net/2016/12/losing-debate-israel/> to justify racial
profiling <http://www.haaretz.com/world-news/u-s-election-2016/1.725857>,
, build walls and bar migrants
by citing Israeli policy -- an honor that has been at least partly
by the Israeli Prime Minister.

Last year, the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and the Institute
for Research: Middle Eastern Policy held this conference
<http://israelsinfluence.org/> on the pro-Israel Lobby in Washington
D.C,  featuring
fmr *Chief of Staff for Secretary of State Lawrence Wilkerson*; Deputy *Legal
Director at the Center for Constitutional Rights, Maria LaHood*;
 journalist and author of *Miral* *Rula Jebreal*; Israeli columnist *Gideon
Levy*; author *Susan Abulhawa*; Palestinian-American lawyer and
activist *Huwaida
Arraf*; and others <http://israelsinfluence.org/speakers/default.html>.
(For what it's worth, Roger Waters from Pink Floyd was there too).

*This year, they will host the Fourth conference on the Israel Lobby in the
series, "The Israel Lobby and American Policy,"
<http://israellobbyandamericanpolicy.org/>* featuring *Hanan Ashrawi*, the
first woman elected to the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation
Organization; Israeli historian and author *Ilan Pappe*; and University of
Chicago Professor of International Politics *John R. Mearsheimer.*

*Students can apply for complimentary tickets and travel stipends by
e-mailing Dale Sprusansky at **dsprusan at wrmea.org <dsprusan at wrmea.org>*. It
is difficult to put into words how profound this conferences series has
been in the past. Instead, I have included a partial ad from the Conference
Organizers (below) and this video from Susan Abulhawa
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqVTDWWpeC4&list#t=2m59s>, who spoke at
last year's conference.

In addition,* Al-Awda: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition and the
ANSWER Coalition will be hosting the annual, Palestinian-led demonstration
against the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's annual convention on
March 26th. *Both events will take place the same weekend (see below).

*From WRMEA: *

Growing numbers of Americans question massive, automatic and unconditional
U.S. support for Israel. The American Educational Trust, publisher of
the *Washington
Report on Middle East Affairs <http://wrmea.org/>*, and the Institute for
Research: Middle Eastern Policy <http://www.irmep.org/> will host anhistoric
fourth annual conference on March 24, 2017 at the National Press Club in
Washington, DC focusing on the key issues.

Expert keynote speakers and panelists will present their analysis of:


   U.S. foreign aid, intelligence and diplomatic support to Israel. Since
   1948, the U.S. has provided more foreign aid to Israel than to any other
   country. In 2016 the U.S. signed a new pledge to provide it $38 billion
   over 10 years. Is the aid unconditional? Will the U.S. provide it no matter
   how many illegal settlements Israel builds or what military actions it

   Israel as a U.S. ally. During the Cold War, many claimed Israel was
   America’s “cop on the beat” in the Middle East, squaring off against Soviet
   client states and protecting U.S. access to oil. Were these claims ever
   true? Does Israel currently serve any identifiable U.S. strategic
   interest, or is it in fact a liability?

   Israel lobbying organizations have launched many programs in the U.S.
   They transfer billions of dollars in tax-deductible charitable
   contributions to support Jewish immigration to Israel (including from the
   former Soviet Union), and fund Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons
   program. Do these programs further harm American interests?

   Israel affinity organizations and prominent neoconservatives have long
   demanded that the U.S. should militarily engage Israel’s rivals, including
   Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Syria and Iraq. Is the list of targets growing?
   What future wars are these neocons currently agitating for? How likely
   is it the U.S. will comply?

   The Israel-Palestine conflict is the longest running confrontation in
   the region. It generates terrorist attacks and other blowback against the
   United States. What are the latest views from the region about prospects
   for a viable Palestinian state vs. Israel’s continual territorial growth as
   a foreign-supported settler-colonial enterprise?

   American public opinion is rapidly turning against unqualified support
   for Israel. How do Americans really feel about U.S. aid to Israel, Israel’s
   huge influence with U.S. elites, and its treatment of Palestinians?

   Beyond changing perceptions, increasing numbers of Americans are
   actively working against Israeli programs. What is currently being done at
   the grassroots level, in courtrooms and internationally to confront, expose
   and challenge Israel lobby initiatives?

The Israel Lobby and American Policy conference is solely sponsored by the
American Educational Trust, publisher of the *Washington Report on Middle
East Affairs <http://www.wrmea.org/>*, and the Institute for Research:
Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep <http://www.irmep.org/>). Attendees receive
lunch and an invitation to a special post-conference attendee-speaker
reception. Register online today

*From the Answer Coalition: *
National March and Rally
Support Palestine in D.C.! Protest AIPAC!Sunday, March 26 - Gather 12 Noon
March from the White House to the Convention Center

[image: Facebook]
 [image: Twitter]

*RSVP for this action

At last year's AIPAC conference, Donald Trump made an outrageous pledge:
"We will move the American embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish
people, Jerusalem ... The Palestinians must come to the table knowing that
the bond between the United States and Israel is absolutely, totally
unbreakable." Now that he is the president, Trump seems dead set on
following through on his promise.

This would be an extreme provocation that tramples on the Palestinian right
to self-determination. *Every progressive person needs to mobilize to stop

In the short time since Trump took the oath of office, the Israeli
government has already announced thousands of new illegal settler homes in
the Palestinian territories seized in the 1967 war. The Palestinian people
need our solidarity now more than ever as they resist these wanton acts of

*From Palestine to Mexico, all the walls have got to go!*

Just like Trump is encouraging Israel to step up its violation of
Palestinian rights, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is cheer
leading for Trump's extreme right agenda. On Jan. 28, Netanyahu sent this
outrageous tweet:

[image: tweet.png]
*The fight for justice for Palestine and the fight to stop the Trump Agenda
are one in the same! *

*Join the National Rally and March on Sunday, March 26*

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right To Return Coalition and the ANSWER Coalition
will once again spearhead this National Rally to Support Palestine in DC

This rally will start at the White House with thousands of people from
across the nation and around the world, and end up in front of AIPAC's
annual convention! AIPAC is the primary organization lobbying to continue
the brutal illegal occupation of Palestine for over 68 years.

*RSVP for this action

*Click here to endorse the demonstration*
us know if you are able to organize transportation to D.C.

We must protest to end this outrageous lobby that ultimately supports the
oppression and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. Please come out
and support the Palestinian people in their noble struggle to be free.
*End U.S. aid to Israel — End the occupation now!*

*We urgently need your support to make this demonstration a success.


*Disseminate widely!*

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