[Marxism] what can we learn from that phone call?

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 15:47:57 MST 2017

The now notorious phone call between Trump and Australia's Prime Minister
holds I feel a key to understanding the Trump Presidency. Turnbull rang
Trump and the call was scheduled for 50 minutes but the POTUS rang off
after 25 minutes or so.  The issue was the deal that Turnbull had worked
out with Obama to send over a thousand refugees to America in turn for
Australia taking refugees from Latin America. Apparently Turnbull insisted
that Trump stand by the Obama deal.

What happens next is the key.  Trump's forces spotted the chance to get one
over Obama.  Trum Camp leaded to the Washington Post what happened in the
phone call and Trump tweeted about the dumb deal.  Turnbull had been
putting a brace face on the call and was taken aback by the leaks. But in
the States Trump's enemies, especially John McCain, saw a chance to get
back at Trump.  the line was that the President had insulted the most loyal
of allies who had shed blood with Australia in every war.

Trump was forced to withdraw and Spicer was trundled out to put a brave
face on it. He could not do a proper job and compounded matters by calling
Turnbull "Trumble" (I loved that).

So there we have it - a Presidential team that shots from the lip.  One
that is badly briefed and incompetent, vain, irascible and *vulnerable*.

How does that square with the "brain fade" thesis which has Camp Trump as a
centre of super plotters who just want the Left to come out onto the
streets and scream?  Well it doesn't fit the brain fade thesis at all..
Kriss, Butler and Seymour are correct. This is not to say though that Camp
Trump are not dangerous.  They are but the pressure from the Judiciary,
branches of the state and above all in the streets has made Trump's mission
all the more difficult.

Advantage Resistance so far.



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