[Marxism] Anarchists who helped kill Occupy worry anti-Trump activists

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While I oppose the Black Block tactics of personal witnessing/actions and not to

promote and encourage a larger more effective movement to win - but to just

express anger - the politics expressed in this bourgeois newspaper are historically inaccurate.

It avoids mention of the U. S. government and its repressive agencies of military and police

as the main source of violence.

It was the U. S. government organized attack on the Occupy Movement that ended

that movement - and not Black Bloc.  What Black Bloc did in Oakland or Seattle

did not end the Occupy encampments.  The democratic party supporters do not

want to recognize that government repression and attack on political views -

was by the Democratic politicians in the U. S. government, led by president Obama,

vice president Joe Biden,  Hillary Clinton and other prominent democratic politicians.

Most of the city mayors who allowed their police to remove the Occupy encampments

from public property, also used the same police to prevent further assembly by Occupy.

They feared independent anti-capitalist movements.

The same was the case in other nations that had local Occupy encampments.

The origins of the Occupy Movement were by creative energies and ideas of

anarchists - but their fear of not being in control - was also a major factor for

the decline in involvement, along with undemocratic decision making.

Endless meetings where decisions were either never carried out or other

deliberate not well publicized meetings to "keep control" by some anarchists

and other political forces, discouraged many people from participating.  This

with the government repression and no organized Left - were the reasons for

the end of the Occupy Movement - and not Black Bloc that appears to me

made up of immature self centered angry people, who are more anti-social

than anti-capitalist.

We should always keep focus on who the main problem is - and it is not the

politically immature - as much as in the Occupy Movement case.  Instead a

organized attack by many governments to deny free speech and assembly

to opponents of capitalism.  This was a response to aid the capitalists who

feared that Occupy movement could excite and involve more to challenge

and end capitalist rule.

Sent: Monday, February 6, 2017 7:33 PM
Subject: Anarchists who helped kill Occupy worry anti-Trump activists

SF Chronicle, Feb. 5 2017
Anarchists who helped kill Occupy worry anti-Trump activists
By Kevin Fagan and Michael Bodley

As Kathy Lipscomb watched TV newscasts of “black bloc” anarchists
smashing windows at a UC Berkeley protest, the former organizer of
Occupy demonstrations was obsessed by two thoughts.

The first, she said, was: “Oh no, not again.” The second: “We can’t let
them help ruin things this time.”

Those sentiments echoed across the Bay Area as leaders of the current
wave of protests against President Trump took heed of Wednesday’s campus
violence, Trump’s subsequent threat to cut funding to UC Berkeley, and
what all that portends for their movement.

Their biggest fear is a repeat of what happened to Occupy earlier this
decade, when black bloc violence chased away nonviolent, mainstream
protesters — and helped lead to Occupy’s collapse about five years ago.

That movement faded to a whisper for several reasons, including its
commitment to having no leaders and its disorganized cacophony of
causes. But the destruction wrought by black bloc anarchists scared away
nonviolent protesters and focused public attention on what amounted to a
tiny sliver of protesters. And often, though they attacked banks and
other big-corporation businesses the demonstrations were aimed at, black
bloc vandals also damaged small shops whose owners agreed with the
philosophy Occupy.

Ellis Goldberg left the Occupy movement in disgust over the violence to
organize the followup 99 Percent demonstrations. He helped plan a
Women’s March in Walnut Creek on Jan. 21 and said he made sure to
arrange for volunteer security, “because we want to show we are doing
something positive and we’re not just a bunch of hooligans.”

Bagot said he’s confident that “something long-lasting will come of
things this time.” But, he said, “That won’t happen if we let the
craziest, most macho people mess it up like they did with Occupy.”

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