[Marxism] Black Bloc killed Occupy?

Ron Jacobs ronj1955 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 07:19:26 MST 2017

The SF Chronicle article (SF Chronicle, Feb. 5 2017
Anarchists who helped kill Occupy worry anti-Trump activists
By Kevin Fagan and Michael Bodley)
 is essentially a right wing hit piece masquerading as an objective
journalistic feature.  Black Bloc did not kill Occupy.  The police state
did.  While there are certainly  issues with the Black Bloc, the tendency
to dismiss them as spoiled bourgeois brats who have no political support is
the liberal left's version of the right wing's redbaiting of more
mainstream protests. Those who do so obviously have little or no actual
knowledge of who makes up most of the Black bloc around the nation.
The bulk of them are not provocateurs or informants.  Indeed, many of them
have years of protest activity under their belts that began when they were
teens or young adults.  Are their politics extreme?  Yes, but mostly
because they believe that other political approaches are too
accommodating.  They have a point.

  Raising awareness is one thing.  Overthrowing capitalism is another.
 it's time we organize for the latter.  The Black Bloc believes their
tactics are the right ones.If you don't like their actions, get out and
organize (like you keep telling them to do) mass protests with a radical
program that can actually do something besides make us feel good.  Don't do
the bossman's work and spread the idea that some of us protesters are good
and some are bad.  If you disagree with the Black Bloc, spend your energy
organizing something more effective.
ron j

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