[Marxism] Black bloc

Andrew Stewart hasc.warrior.stew at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 07:23:33 MST 2017

I'm able to speak as an objective observer and journalist here. Occupy and before that the Seattle 99 protests were organized by the very people who later participated in black bloc tactics. They are one and the same group of people and this can be verified by everyone from Jeff St. Clair to old timers in the peace movement. If you disagree with the tactics, ok, I disagreed with the Socialist Party's tactics about racism during the Norman Thomas years. But it is an undeniable lie to create a bifurcation between organizers and Black Bloc practitioners, they are one and the same from my experience and observations. This means you have to be building a dialogue rather than antagonizing them and ostracizing them. This is a phenomenon that Chris Hedges also has encountered and which resulted in him being ostracized by the Occupy Wall Street organizers.

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Andrew Stewart 

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