[Marxism] Black bloc

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 07:55:19 MST 2017

I agree with Mark...most Occupy's, and especially the working class heavy
ones like in St. Louis, Independence, Cairo and dozens and dozens of others
at *best* had some youthful, teenage, cultural anarchists involved. They
also rejected the BS "consensus" model as well.

The idea that the "police state" killed occupy is equivalent to the
Democrats argument that the Russians through the election to Trump:
avoiding the political responsibility of understanding the limitations of
Occupy. The inability, after making an excellent start, to being the
*imprimatur* of the masses, due to much of the nonsense from the hipster
"left" that started the Wall St. Occupy (consensus, refusing to take
positions, etc), to become an instrument of the working class is what
killed it. Not the Democrats, not the AFL-CIO, but the limitations of the
Occupy itself. Not even the Black Bloc though they didn't help.

Anarchism in California is and remains the largest current on the left.
it's diffuse, weak politically, a disaster organizationally but because of
the 'coming of age' by thousands of mostly white, and specifically this
means white suburban, not Asian (20% of the population in the Bay Area for
example), not Latino, and not Black...passes through the cultural anarchism
stage in their lives. At some point they grow out of it or, join up with
the more tightly organized Black Bloc type groups.

Black Bloc only added to the confusion of what Occupy was 'meant' to
become. But I don't believe they killed it. Occupys with strong labor
committees often were able to isolate, at least politically, Black Block
types. One of the problems with the BB is that they can't organize or
initiate their own mass movements. They can't even exist without a far
larger and broader mass movement from which to opportunistically and
parasitically draw the their strength from.

We used to discuss this (and are again): does BB tactics strength or weaken
the ability to build a movement that involves masses of people? In whose
interests do BB serve? I discussed with one anti-BB anarchist last week at
the airport actions what would happen to this amazing movement if the BBs
showed up? He rolled it eyes and said "it would all simply end".

David W.

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