[Marxism] Black bloc

Jeffrey Masko j.alan.masko at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 12:13:53 MST 2017

Being in SF, attending protests, and having some contact with anarchists
and class action communists, I can say with certainty that a substantial
percentage of them are people of color, radial queers, working and poverty
class men and women, and not imported from Portland or anywhere else, but
Californian. Whatever it is, it is not exclusively young white middle class
hipsters from the suburbs, but a wide range of activists.

The protests *are* often bifurcated and I've seen those who support
peaceful protests often willing to work with police directly or indirectly
by pointing out those who vandalize; I've seen it multiple times and been
in meetings where this was discussed. The black bloc doesn't do itself any
good by ignoring what the peaceful protesters are asking (to not rampage)
and going ahead with their "propaganda of the deed" actions. Seems the
Whitefish protest was able to deal with having both tactics work together.


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