[Marxism] Black bloc

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 14:45:49 MST 2017

We had these middle-aged libertarian pseudo-anarchists at the big Occupy
march here who kept raising their own chants that parts of the march took
up because the entire operation was such a clusterfuck of disorganization.
No marshals. No nothing.  As coherent as a bowl of flakes with sour milk.

Frankly, I blame the experienced people for not passing on these basic
organizational skills essential to building a political movement.  They
were always giddy that anybody was in the streets at all.  So much so that
any sense of planning never entered into their thinking.

We should also point out the obvious fact that not all anarchists are black
bloc.  In fact, i doubt that all people claiming in social media to be
black bloc are . . . there are craploads of these people on Fb talking
about taking armed struggle into the streets.  But this is one of the
problems with making a religion of disorganization.


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