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Wed Feb 8 17:15:58 MST 2017

Dear Friends,

The war in Yemen is now almost two years old. It is a disaster of unbelievable proportions. At Alternet today, I have a report from Yemen - about the scale of the trials faced by its people but also about the rise of al-Qaeda in the Hadramawt region.

You can read the report here: http://www.alternet.org/world/one-nastiest-wars-recent-history-raging-yemen-and-us-heavily-involved-it.

Stunning how stupid is the US policy of counterterrorism in this the poorest Arab state. No wonder, since at counterterrorism MA programs they basically teach 'biological terrorism', 'homegrown radicalization' and - I kid you not - 'armchair intelligence'. There is no history, no sense of the proxy wars of the past, of coups and IMF suffocation, of imperialist wars - none of that. Neither Fanon nor the great Yemeni novelists such as Mohd. Abdul-Wali and Mohd. Al-Gharbi Amran will make the readings lists. They read textbooks on counterterrorism. Blighted brains with a great deal of firepower at their fingertips.

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