[Marxism] Trump and the world capitalist crisis

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Wed Feb 8 20:22:47 MST 2017

Throughout the world, the Trump forces are gathering steam. In Britain, in
a fit of national chauvinism and anti-immigrant sentiment, the majority if
Brits voted to leave the European Union (“Brexit”) in order to prevent
foreign workers from entering the country. In Myanmar (Burma), there has
been a wave of attacks on the Muslim minority known as the Rohingya.
Throughout Europe, far right racist and chauvinist parties are on the rise.
And to this we must add what is happening in the Islamic world, where Sunni
and Shia have been attacking each other with a vengeance.

What is happening in our world?

There are three main factors:

   - *The first is the breakdown of the “world (capitalist) order”.* For 50
   years, the world was dominated by the competition between the capitalist
   world and the Soviet Union and its allies. This competition forced the
   capitalist world to huddle together behind the leadership of US capitalism.
   Then, for a short time after the Soviet Union collapsed, US capitalism
   dominated the world without a rival. We went from a “bipolar” world to a
   “unipolar” world. And now?

Let us allow the editors of the Wall St. Journal
“*For 20 years and through administrations of both parties, the U.S.
managed to contain the emergence of such regional threats (to US
domination). But that containment has broken down in Europe, the Middle
East and East Asia…*”

Two other factors are the economic crisis and the weakening of the working
class as a coherent political force.

We also need to consider how revolutionary socialists orient towards the
movement that is developing in response.


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