[Marxism] Fwd: Sidney Blumenthal · A Short History of the Trump Family: The First Family · LRB 16 February 2017

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Thu Feb 9 12:46:57 MST 2017

In 1969, Fred Trump plotted to run for mayor of New York against John 
Lindsay, a silk-stocking liberal Republican. The reason was simple: in 
the wake of a New York State Investigations Commission inquiry that 
uncovered Fred’s overbilling scams, the Lindsay administration had 
deprived him of a development deal at Coney Island. He made two test 
television commercials. One of them, called ‘Dope Man’, featured a 
drug-addled black youth wandering the streets. ‘With four more years of 
John Lindsay,’ the narrator intoned, ‘he will be coming to your 
neighbourhood soon.’ The ad flashed to the anxious faces of two 
well-dressed white women. ‘Vote for Fred Trump. He’s for us.’ The other 
commercial, ‘Real New Yorkers’, showed scenes of ‘real’ people from 
across the city, all of them white. Fred Trump, the narrator said, ‘is a 
real New Yorker too’. In the end he didn’t run, but his campaign themes 
were bequeathed to his son.

In 1988, Spy conducted a national poll, the first ever on the 
presidential potential of Donald Trump. Offered a list of 
non-candidates, voters were asked: ‘Who are you most disappointed isn’t 
running for president?’ Trump got 4 per cent of the vote. Tellingly, Spy 
discovered the celebrity’s irreducible base: ‘In terms of level of 
education, the voters who most favoured a Trump candidacy – with a 9 per 
cent rating – were those whose minds remain uncluttered by any learning 
beyond junior high school.’


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