[Marxism] The Long Affair Between The Working Class And The Intellectual Cultural Left Is Over

John E. Norem jenorem.norem3 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 02:32:37 MST 2017

Sometimes love comes to an end. The glow fades, the couple has grown
“apart” or suffered what used to be called “irreconcilable differences”.
This occurs not only between individuals but also in politics. The Brexit
referendum in the UK, Donald Trump’s election victory in the United States
and the success of all sorts of nationalist-populist parties in many
European countries (including Sweden) clearly show that one of the more
protracted political marriages must now be regarded as dissolved.

The more than 150-year-old alliance between the industrial working class
and what one might call the intellectual-cultural Left is over. ...

Stay Human!

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