[Marxism] Bannon/Trump: How far can they go?

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It is ironically appropriate that the man pulling the strings of President
Trump, Stephen Bannon, come from Hollywood – that land of flashy special
effects, shallow propaganda and cheap thrills. It is also frightening,
including to the capitalists themselves. Bannon’s promotion to the inner
circle (the “Principles Committee”) of the National Security Council
“should send shivers down the spine of every American and our allies
worldwide” says
Rothkopf, the executive editor of *Foreign Policy Magazine*, one of the
foremost such magazines for the US capitalist class. Rothkopf explains the
role of the NSC as being “the central nervous system of the US foreign
policy and national security apparatus.” You couldn’t get more central than

Promoted to this Principles Committee along with Bannon was Reince Priebus,
former head of the Republican Party and now Trump’s chief of staff. I used
to think that Priebus’s appointment indicated that Trump was going to
accommodate himself to the mainstream of that Party, but Trump knew him
better (of course). Priebus has shown himself to be nothing but a toady for
Trump, a willing go-between between Trump and the Republicans in congress.

Then there is Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, who according to this
Post article
as “almost a shadow secretary of state.”


*Demotions*On the same day that Bannon and Priebus were promoted to the
“Principles Committee”
of the “central nervous system” of the US government (the NSC), other key
players were demoted. These included the top military officer of the US
government – the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – and the
highest-ranking intelligence officer of the United States, the director of
national intelligence. (Never mind that that latter position was held by a
conspiracy nut, Michael Flynn.)

What are we to make of all this?

*US Constitution*The framers of the US Constitution set up the federal
government to ensure that they – the capitalist class of their day plus the
slave owning class – could ensure that they (the ruling class) could keep
the government under their control. One of the ways they envisioned this
was through the system of “checks and balances”, among other things
ensuring that the president did not escape their control. Part of those
checks and balances was giving the Senate veto power over the key
appointments of the president. Along with congress, the tops of the
military, the State Department and the CIA also play a key role in
maintaining the links between the government and the tops of the capitalist
class and their strategists. And what has Trump done?

He removed the military tops from the Principles Committee of the NSC. He
has more or
[image: The US State Department has effectively been paralyzed by the
Bannon/Trump presidency.]

The US State Department has effectively been paralyzed by the Bannon/Trump

less gutted
State Department of its top layer of bureaucrats, nearly paralyzing it. He
has bypassed congress’s ability to approve appointments by making his key
advisers ones who aren’t subject to appointment....

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