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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Feb 11 06:48:13 MST 2017

Here's a fascinating article on why this outfit that was deep into black 
bloc tactics decided to dump them. It was written by David Van Deusen, 
the co-author of a 375 page book in support of black bloc tactics:

"To recognize that a small insular collective, alone, is incapable of 
throwing off the chains of social/cultural and economic oppression is to 
come to one of three conclusions; 1. Revolution is in fact impossible, 
2. A uniquely new mass movement must be built from the ground up, or 3. 
Revolutionaries must work with those mass organizations already in 
existence in order to influence a left turn in their direction. The 
Green Mountain Anarchist Collective rejected the first of these 
conclusions out of hand, finding history to tell a different story. GMAC 
then sought to synthesize the second and third of these conclusions into 
concerted series of actions. In short, GMAC worked with existing 
organizations, where possible, to build new expressions of class 
struggle which would be more grounded in anarchist principles than its 
parent groups; ie the support for the Dairy Farmers of Vermont and 
Montpelier Downtown Workers Union [although it could be argued that the 
Vermont Workers Center, excluding the question of Black Blocs, was as 
far left as GMAC]. And finally, GMAC saw no compelling reason not to 
work with existing mass organizations in a defensive capacity aimed at 
overcoming further attacks of capitalist and reactionary interest 
against working people; ie its collaboration with the ISO and SVR in 
opposition to the Minutemen, and organized labor against acute attacks 
of the boss against workers (and in favor of a withdrawal of U.S. troops 
from foreign occupations)."


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