[Marxism] For first time, (US-led) Coalition now killing more civilians than Russia in Syria

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 16:25:40 MST 2017

Fighting on the same side, of course. Airwars has been an essential 
source on these issues. The article notes that the relative downturn of 
Russian terror-bombing since it helped the regime crush Aleppo in rivers 
of blood has coincided with a sharp upturn of the US war against ISIS in 
Mosul and Raqqa, under both the late Obama and early Trump govts, in 
both cases with huge civilian casualties. Oddly though, what Airwars 
doesn't mention (I assume it will in its next report) is that the same 
period has also seen a dramatic rise in US bombing of Jaysh Fatah 
al-Sham (JFS), the rebranded Nusra organisation, in Idlib province, 
where it has killed hundreds of JFS militants (and loads of civilians), 
in open collaboration with continued Assad and Russian bombing in Idlib. 
The US war has also killed a number of non-JFS militants, including 
Ahrar al-Sham fighters and leaders, even though that organisation is 
currently spearheading resistance on the ground against JFS aggression.

For first time, (US-led) Coalition now killing more civilians than 

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