[Marxism] Fukushima hasn't gone away

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 08:58:41 MST 2017

Every year since the accident at Fukushima, starting in February, the
professional anti-nuclear industry rolls out yet more fear an dread
in order to keep the issue of the 'worsening disaster' in the news.
This is an example of this sort of methodology, and in this case, it
is 100% inaccurate. We get the title sub-head with this one "Even Fox
News reports radiation at “unimaginable levels”. I love when experts
in filed of nuclear physics, such as "Fox News", are liberally quoted
to prove the "oh! it must be true!".

In fact, the levels inside containment in the melted down reactor are
the SAME as they've always been as this was, contrary to the article
Dennis so thoughtfully provided is the FIRST "reading" ever...so how
has it gone up??? In fact, give the laws of the universe, with no
critical fission reaction going on inside the reactor containment
vessel, there can be no increase in radiation. It's completely false.
And, besides, its IN the containment vessel! So of course the readings
are going to be high...but not higher than previously given that no
new radiation is being created.

This extremely well written article will explain the issue and the
science if one is guided more by science that tabloid type headlines:


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