[Marxism] Fukushima hasn't gone away

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon Feb 13 09:41:55 MST 2017

On 2017-02-13 16:58, DW via Marxism wrote:
> http://blog.safecast.org/2017/02/no-radiation-levels-at-fukushima-daiichi-are-not-rising/

David is right: the article Dennis posted is sensationalist and in most 
respects inaccurate or misleading. I think nuclear power is a bad idea, 
but you don't argue against it effectively by adopting propaganda that 
can be easily disproven. The radioactive material remaining at the 
reactor that they are trying to entomb (the safest thing to do with 
it!), may well be dangerous to anyone remaining in the area and to the 
groundwater, if it's leaking. Any concern involving that amount of 
material contaminating the pacific ocean displays an utter inability to 
appreciate the vastness of the ocean and its incredible volume of water. 
One who is interested in the details of a radioactive accident (or any 
other physical system) should rather seek an article written by a 
qualified scientist, not by an author whose impressive qualifications 
are listed as "over 40 years experience in theatre, radio, TV, print 
journalism, and non-fiction, including 20 years in the Vermont 
judiciary." I mean, really.....

- Jeff


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