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In Missouri, Donald Trump's image has appeared in a tub of butter.

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> Gary MacLennan said:
> What worries me is that he is getting 40% approval rating.  Who are those
> guys?
> Ken Hiebert replies:
> It is not unusual for people who are frightened or in despair to cling to
> hope.  And many people in the US are frightened and in despair.
> I recall a the story of German soldiers at Stalingrad.  They were
> surrounded and under siege.  They heard a battle perhaps 30 miles away.
> They were infused with hope that they would be relieved shortly.  They
> prepared for that by destroying what they could not take with them.  They
> even burned winter clothing they did not wish to leave behind.
> For many their hopes were expressed in the Stalingrad Madonna.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stalingrad_Madonna
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