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What I suspect is happening is this.  The Security apparatuses are herding
Trump in a particular direction. It would appear to be away from Russia and
back to NATO's encirclement option.  Is it working?  Hard to say but it is
worth noting that the White House grandees who spoke in Europe recently
were all keen to say they were going along with that option.

For me the leaks are all about the disciplining of the President.

The other stuff that Trump appears to be into - The Judaeo Christian
warrior looking for a Battle of Lepanto Mark 2 - has most sane people at
least puzzled.  Who knows what the CIA etc think of this?  When they look
at Bannon do they see "The last knight of Europe takes weapons from the
wall;  the last and lingering troubadour to whom the bird has sung that
once went winging southward when all the world was young?"

I have no idea.  How could I?  But I have a strong suspicion that Bannon
who probably grew up on a diet of Chesterton and Belloc looks in the mirror
every morning and sees a latter day Don Juan.

In any case we would do well not to underestimate the paranoia of the
denizens of the Deep State. When they look at Trump they appear to worry
that they may be looking at the Moscow Candidate. Most people discounted
the story of the "Pee Pee Tape" as SNL calls it.  But I do wish I had the
same chance of winning the lotto as the odds that the CIA etc believe such
a tape exists.

So what will happen?  My guess is that Trump will be herded away from
Putin.  Then there might be an operation to herd him away from Bannon.

If Trump resists, he will go down.



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