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Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 18:23:50 MST 2017

Cited in the Greg Grandin article -

"Historian Brad Simpson is critical of the concept of “deep state”; he
argues that it is “a way for people on the left to try and pathologize or
render conspiratorial the normal workings of executive branch agencies and
power vis-a-vis the foreign policy apparatus more generally. There are
policy currents and social constituencies (in industry, finance, etc.) that
find expression in particular agencies and factions of particular agencies,
and whose views are not all that hard to discern, even if they are

Much discussion on the Left about the "Deep State's" machinations against
Trump seems eerily similar to the discussion of Syria. In both cases, the
role of masses of people involved in protests are ignored as if they don't
exist as active participants. Almost FOUR MILLION PEOPLE marched against
Trump three weeks ago in the US. Meetings spontaneously called are
mushrooming all over the country, and people who never gave a damn about
politics are now consumed by it. 200 Republican officeholders are refusing
to attend town meetings in fear of their constituents, and very little of
it is being organized by the frightened and confused Democrats!

"Sometimes the revolution needs the whip of the counter-revolution!" - Marx

"Sometimes nothing happens for decades, and sometimes decades happen in
weeks!" -Lenin

On Sat, Feb 18, 2017 at 6:29 PM, Gary MacLennan via Marxism
> What I suspect is happening is this.  The Security apparatuses are herding
> Trump in a particular direction. It would appear to be away from Russia and
> back to NATO's encirclement option.  Is it working?  Hard to say but it is
> worth noting that the White House grandees who spoke in Europe recently
> were all keen to say they were going along with that option.
> For me the leaks are all about the disciplining of the President.

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