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Dale narrates Polanyi’s life through a series of internal 
contradictions. Born into a Jewish family, Polanyi came to identify 
strongly with Christian morality. He was a supporter of peasants but 
lived an almost entirely urban life. He has become one of the 20th 
century’s best-known social democrats but disliked much of the social 
democracy of his day. He was a humanist — as Dale puts it, "in the sense 
that he held that anything that violates human dignity should be 
subjected to theoretical criticism and practical obstruction" — but he 
frequently defended Stalin’s Russia, and he married a Bolshevik. He is 
remembered as a warm and generous friend and colleague but took himself 
to task in a letter to his brother as an "impossible person" who 
suffered periodic bouts of serious depression.

full: http://www.chronicle.com/article/An-Economic-Prophet-for-Our/239211

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