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Mon Feb 20 11:52:55 MST 2017

Actually, Louis, it is not *exactly* a duplicate posting. The take outs
from the article was completely different. The second one is important.
I've largely argued this same point...about the only one I've ever
commented on regarding Syria at all, that regime change was never really
part of the US agenda. It was some, but that was more wishful thinking on
part of the U.S. I don't hold the position that the U.S. *supports* Assad,
which is I know is popular among some on the left, but at least here, with
regards to the actual 'support' the U.S. gave the FSA, it is absolutely
correct. Perhaps the only exception was the 2013 or 2014 incident where the
Saudis or Qataris supplied TOW II anti-tank missiles. Exactly 18 of them.
And took out 18 Russian made T-72 and T-90 tanks. And that was that.

Even more directly, and well before the Russians intervened with men and
machines, the US could of taken out the Syrian fixed and rotary winged air
force in 4 hours flat. Most of it's armor in 4 days. So the idea that the
US was interested in regime change my questions is: why didn't they?

I was challenged on this several time. Youtube video links were provided by
pro-Assadists to me that showed  several incidents of MANPADS being used.
Since I'm somewhat educated on this from the technology POV, I replied that
this was absolutely correct. But they were *Russian* made anti-aircraft
missiles that were seized from Syrian troops or brought over by deserters
from the army, not US supplied Stingers.

David Walters

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