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Tue Feb 21 07:24:55 MST 2017

By Howie Hawkins

THE POLITICAL DYNAMIC augured well for a progressive third party 
challenge in 2016. With the two most unpopular major party candidates in 
history, and a large progressive vote mobilized for Sanders in the 
Democratic primaries, hopes were high that the Greens could do much 
better, perhaps reaching five percent or more to secure general election 
federal funding for the 2020 Green presidential campaign.

But lacking a large, well-organized membership base to provide local 
legs for the campaign and a sizable cohort of Green elected officials to 
give the Green Party political weight, the campaign was marginalized by 
the media and discounted by the voters. So the limited gains for the 
Greens should not be surprising at all.

Until the Green Party has built a real power base of well-organized, 
dues-paying members and elected Green caucuses in city councils, state 
legislatures and the U.S. House, it will not be taken seriously in a 
presidential run by most media and most voters. It is now time for the 
Greens to go back to grassroots organization and movement building.

As we enter Trump time, the Greens and the broader left should learn 
from their mistakes during the Bush II era when too many got caught up 
in the Anybody-But-Bush strategy to get the Democrats back in power. For 
the Greens, that approach yielded the divisive and self-defeating 
safe-states strategy of 2004 by one faction of the party, which 
undermined the party’s very rationale for existing as an independent 

Greens should be friendly with grassroots Democrats in the 
Sanders/Warren wing as they quixotically try (again) to replace 
corporate Democrats with progressive Democrats.

Greens should work with them in the fightback against Trumpist 
scapegoating and oppression of immigrants, minorities and women, 
expansion of the security and surveillance state, imperial wars, climate 
madness, cuts to public health care and schools, union-busting and on 
many other fronts.

But the real power structure of the Democratic Party — the corporate 
donors and their political representatives, led now by the corporate 
neoliberal Chuck Schumer — will do what corporate Democrats always do 
with progressive Democratic personalities: use them as bait to lure 
progressives into a supporting corporate Democrats as the lesser evil.

full: https://www.solidarity-us.org/site/node/4855

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