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I look for a history of the working class in the US that situates it in 
the world while at the same time closely documenting from the available 
archives the felt experiences of real people, not "leaders," in that 
class. Sort of on the model of E P Thompson's The Making of the English 
Working Class, a close reading of that history in its lived context, 
centered on working people, with the experience of parties and sects if 
present at all, on the periphery of or reflective of that narrative. I 
would look for such a project to bring it up to the ominous present, 
where the members of the American working class seem to be stuck in our 
"exceptional state," the empire, living off the proceeds of the rest of 
the world from whence comes the product we preponderantly consume, and 
due to which we cannot or choose not presently to join the rest of the 
working world in solidarity, let alone engender any faint recognition of 
class belonging or significant sense of common plight and purpose 
domestically. This in the context of global capital run rampant. If 
there is such, one that combines global breadth of analysis with 
historical detail and sociological depth, I haven't seen or I don't 
remember it. Who can render this portrait for us to hold in front of our 
uncomprehending, denying faces? Hell, we're so stuck on ourselves we 
can't even include the Cubans, the Dominicans, the Venezuelans, the 
Japanese or more than one or two Canadian teams in our baseball "World 

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