[Marxism] Times on "liberal" (?) advocate of California secession,

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 07:35:36 MST 2017

This is never going to happen. Everyone...meaning the much 'liberal'
constituencies that hug the coast of the Pacific out here "like" the idea
but no one would seriously consider it, even if it was on the ballot, and
could pass, it won't happen. This is a fundamentally reactionary concept at
many, many levels.  It's one of those "cool ideas" that no one, ever,
thinks through.

The much better idea would be to divide the State into 2 or 3 (the latter
makes more sense since it could offer an olive branch to the 'Red State'
sectors of California that while small in population, actually dominates
the geographic spread of the state...and make it more palatable to
Republicans in Congress. Again, it would have to be approved by Congress.
38,000,000 Californians have no more say in the U.S. Senate that 600k
people in Wyoming. That just isn't right...but succession? Please....

[For an idea of how this would look: draw a line from just south of
Monterey to the Nevada border for the area north of this new state border
for "North California", a line from just south of Ventura to the Nevada
border for Central California and every thing below that would be South


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