[Marxism] Greenpeace prolonging tragedies and wants to create new ones in Finland.

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 07:43:05 MST 2017

A recent Greenpeace news release leads to an inescapable conclusion: that
us Finns need to be evacuated immediately, because radiation hazards of
living in Finland exceed those encountered in Fukushima evacuation zones. I
therefore humbly ask Greenpeace to find a place for 5.5 million Finns, or
at the very least for those 549 000 of us who now have to live in a
radiated wasteland where annual radiation doses are at least two times
higher than what Greenpeace deems “emergency radiological situation” and
“an unacceptable radiation risk” in Japan. If possible, could we also find
a place that’s warm and without slush?


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