[Marxism] The developing mood in the US

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What you say is certainly true here in staid Tidewater VA (centered around the cities of Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, and Newport News), where the biggest naval base in the world is located, with many old-line VA conservatives, many new military-supporting conservatives, and large numbers of active military and retired military.  More than 2500 people -- but no tv or print reporters -- showed up for the Womens March in Norfolk two weeks ago.  The police used drones to monitor the unexpectedly large crowd.  There have been continuing anti-Trump protests in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and other local sites.  More than 2000 people turned out on the last two evenings to attend Town Hall meetings held courageously by a local rightwing Republican Congressperson, Scott Taylor, whose gerrymandered district stretches from Yorktown in the west to Virginia Beach in the east, and most of the questions were opposed to him, Trump, and the Republicans in general.  Taylor was consistently booed loudly when he gave his knee-jerk GOP positions on most things.  People were very angry over GOP plans to repeal Obamacare.  The other day at least 100 people turned up in Suffolk, VA, to protest the building of a pipeline through scenic and historic central Virginia to deliver natural gas to waiting ships which will take it elsewhere for profit -- and they were not allowed to attend the supposedly "public comments session" except one person at a time; anger was palpable.  My GOP cousin and her husband are switching immediately to the Democrats and are going to these sorts of gatherings.  A NAACP local chapter meeting held the other day in the chilly sunshine outside Hampton's City Hall drew at least 80 folks, and all of the speakers (local and state Democratic officeholders) were angry at Trump and his policies; a third of the folks there were white and all gave great applause to the speakers.  Something is indeed happening.


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> I've spent the last week or so calling round to people I know in different
> parts of the US to get a sense of what is happening where they are. Here is
> a report on some of what they've told me, in addition to some thoughts of
> my own.
> https://oaklandsocialist.com/2017/02/23/the-developing-mood-in-the-us/
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