[Marxism] White House bars Daily News, multiple outlets from press briefing - NY

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Feb 25 08:20:37 MST 2017

On 2/25/17 10:09 AM, Marla Vijaya kumar via Marxism wrote:
> Louis, I am surprised by your question, "what the hell is going on
> there." Am I to understand that you are not aware of the developments
> in India in the past 3 years after Modi's BJP came to power. For most
> of our Western comrades, India with 1/5 of the world's humanity
> doesn't just figure on their radar. Now that you have a clone of Modi
> riding on yourbacks in US, you are concerned.

Actually, the analogy made in the Frontline article with Trump makes 
more sense than the one the Indian FB friend made with Hitler. Years 
ago, the slimy neocon Jeanne Fitzpatrick drew a distinction between 
authoritarian and totalitarian states. Many authoritarian states are 
content to use a parliamentary facade to impose authoritarian rule, with 
Putin and Modi prime examples. This is what Trump is aspiring to rather 
than a totalitarian system in which, for example, fascist youth groups 
run loose on campus breaking up leftist meetings. The question of how to 
resist authoritarian states is a bit more tricky as Putin's grip over 
Russia would indicate.

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