[Marxism] Fwd: What is to be done? An invitation for submissions to North Star

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Feb 26 09:45:02 MST 2017

In Donald Trump’s first month in the White House, the left has been 
confronted by the biggest challenge in decades. Unlike the 
administrations of the post-WWII period, there is wide agreement that 
Trump is something different and constitutes the biggest threat to 
bourgeois democracy since Joseph McCarthy. Discussions about how to 
theorize “Trumpism” overlap with those about strategy and tactics. All 
this takes place in the context of massive demonstrations and the growth 
of the left that also requires analysis, especially since by most 
accounts the Democratic Party is fueling the anti-Trump movement.

When the North Star website was launched in 2012, it was never 
understood by its editors as offering a “line” that the left should 
follow. Its primary purpose was to defend a non-sectarian approach to 
building the left that departed from “Leninist” orthodoxy. In this, it 
was hearkening back to the original vision of Peter Camejo’s North Star 
Network of the early 80s that was the first attempt to unify a badly 
fractured left around a broad left program with the most important 
elements being rejection of the two-party system, the creation of a 
revolutionary party based in the working class and the need for a total 
transformation of American society based on socialism.

Within the broad discussion taking place on the left around a series of 
interrelated questions, the North Star editorial board would like to 
invite submissions dealing with the period we have entered. To give you 
an idea of the kind of analysis we would like to publish, we urge you to 
consider editorial board member John Reimann’s articles on “Donald Trump 
and the World Capitalist Crisis” and “The Trump-Putin Connection”.

While these bullet points should not be considered as constituting the 
boundaries of the analysis we would like to provide a platform for, they 
do represent our impressions of what the left has been grappling with:

What is Trumpism?
Is Donald Trump a fascist? What are the class forces that constitute his 
base of support both at the top and the bottom? Under what circumstances 
can we see a break with bourgeois democracy? A massive terrorist attack 
on the scale of 9/11?

full: http://www.thenorthstar.info/?p=13183

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