[Marxism] Ten proposals to beat the European Union and avoid a repetition of the Greek capitulation

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Sun Feb 26 15:26:10 MST 2017

A collective document from across the European left on how
to challenge the EU’s stranglehold on economic and social

By Eric Toussaint, Miguel Urbán Crespo, Teresa Rodríguez,
Angela Klein, Stathis Kouvelakis, Costas Lapavitsas, Zoe
Konstantopoulou, Marina Albiol, Olivier Besancenot, Rommy

February 21, 2017  


This collective text (full list of signatories here)
initiated by Eric Toussaint of the CADTM campaign for the
abolition of the debt of the global South, has been
collectively discussed and co-signed by personalities and
activists from more than 15 European countries representing
a wide range of forces of the radical and anticapitalist
Left: Podemos and Izquierda Unida in Spain, the Portuguese
Left Bloc, the Left Party in Britain, the Nouveau Parti
Anticapitaliste and Ensemble in France, Popular Unity and
Antarsya in Greece, the radical Danish left and activists
from countries such as Cyprus, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina
and Hungary. It is signed by Members of the European
Parliament (MEPs) from different parties and countries, by
the head of finance of the City of Madrid, by the former
president of the Greek Parliament, by a series of members of
the Commission For the Truth on the Greek Debt. All the
signatories are involved in the ongoing discussions about a
“plan B” for Europe. 

The aim of this text is to analyze the balance of power in
the European Union and elaborate a series of radical but
necessary proposals against austerity, neoliberal policies
and for an alternative to the existing form of European

The ten proposals put forward in this text are the outcome
of an analysis of the situation in Europe since 2010. It
takes into account the experience of the confrontation
between Syriza and the Troika in the first half of 2015 and
of the defeat that followed, but also the Spanish, Irish or
Cypriot experiences. Recent events have clearly demonstrated
the need for a left-wing government to have the courage to
disobey the injunctions of European authorities and break
decisively with the framework of the founding treaties of
the EU. This must be accompanied by a popular mobilization
triggered by the initiatives of the left-wing government and
by a series of robust measures to be implemented
immediately: organize a debt audit with citizen
participation, put in place a control of capital flows,
socialize the financial sector and the energy sector, reform
radically the tax system. And of course, the inevitable
debate on the euro area needs to be publicly conducted, with
exit as an option that must be defended at least in some

The cold analysis of the European policies of recent years
invariably leads to this conclusion: only strong sovereign
and unilateral self-defense measures will enable any
progressive national government and the social forces who
back it to break with austerity and neoliberalism and
address the issue of the illegitimate debt.

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