[Marxism] The Palestinians and the art of the bigger deal

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 21:38:06 MST 2017

Trump’s bigger deal is being talked up as a novel ‘outside-in’ approach.
What this means, in practice, is a new form of American-backed
encirclement, in which US-friendly Sunni Arab states would be recruited to
impose on the Palestinians something the Jewish state, in spite of its
firepower, has been unable to achieve: fictional independence, with a flag
and security forces in Palestinian uniforms whose job is to protect Israel
from other Palestinians who aren’t wearing the uniform.

Never in their history have the Palestinians been so alone, without even
ritual expressions of solidarity in Arab capitals. Never have they been in
such desperate need of new leadership. Israel is betting on the exhaustion,
disarray and fragmentation of the Palestinian political class. A
breakthrough will probably involve a return to first principles, above all
self-determination, which has been slowly eroded since Oslo, when the
Palestinian national struggle gave way to ‘security co-operation’ that was
supposed to precede independence, the NGO-isation of the West Bank, and
futile, interminable discussions about land swaps, and ‘parameters’ for a
solution. That was the failed deal. Trump’s bigger deal looks worse, and
far more provocative.


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