[Marxism] A new workers party: "Blueprint" or Perspectives?

Tristan Sloughter t at crashfast.com
Mon Jan 2 14:12:29 MST 2017

> The American class struggle will dictate both the program and the 
> organizational forms we use

While this is true, understanding the layers of obstacles built into the
US electoral system is important for making strategic decisions in these

I think he actually, in a way, argues the same as you:

"Through a process of natural selection, such obstacles tend to repel
serious and experienced local politicians and organizers, while
disproportionately attracting activists with a certain mentality:
disdainful of practical politics or concrete results; less interested in
organizing, or even winning elections, than in bearing witness to the
injustice of the two-party system through the symbolic ritual of
inscribing a third-party’s name on the ballot."

To me this reads as saying that parties focused on dealing with these
obstacles for ballot access and legal legitimacy as a "political party"
become all about dealing with these intricacies instead of the class

So instead of subjecting the party to the organizational form and
guidelines laid out by the federal government, let them evolve from the
actual struggle.


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