[Marxism] A new workers party: "Blueprint" or Perspectives?

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 21:08:01 MST 2017

I think this entire party question is usually approached in the most binary
and unrealistic way.  Either we have a party or we don't.  We are not going
to get a mass party by moving into the next room and writing a document
with a different arrangement of magical words from Red Hogwarts.

There is now--and has been for some years--grounds for common action by the
ISO, Socialist Alternative, Solidarity, and several other groups.  And for
hundreds of us who are experienced veerans of the organized Left--together
with thousands of serious people who've just been coming around.

Form a plan of concerted action in which these groups can cooperate and
work together.  I don't mean saying the same things in different rooms.  I
mean actually putting together something that would involve regular joint
work around a few issues.  There is no reason this wasn't done years ago,
but the sooner the better.

I'm sure that several of us who have no organizational dog in this fight
would be quite happy to help ease this process . . . entirely informally
and with no formal assignment or title or credit.  We just want this thing

If anyone thinks this isn't work a try, I'd be happy to read what they have
to say.  If you agree that it might be worth trying, talk it up and let's
see if we can stir some momentum.


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